QC Profile

1. Design Review: Before production begins, the team conducts a design review to ensure that the design meets technical specifications and customer requirements.


2. Material Selection: Choosing the right materials is crucial for the performance and quality of the parts. Quality control personnel ensure that the materials used meet specifications and undergo necessary testing and validation.


3. Process Specifications: Detailed process flows and operating specifications are developed to ensure that each machining step is carried out according to standards, with key parameters recorded.


4. Equipment Calibration: Regular calibration and maintenance of machining equipment ensure that its performance and accuracy meet requirements.


5. First Article Inspection: Comprehensive inspection and testing of the first article validate whether the product meets specifications and customer requirements.


6. In-process Inspection: Regular in-process inspections are conducted during production to ensure that each machining step meets requirements and to promptly identify and correct issues.


7. Final Inspection: Comprehensive inspection and testing of the final product ensure that its quality meets standards and customer expectations.


8. Data Recording and Traceability: Record relevant data for each production batch, including materials, machining parameters, inspection.


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